LSCW 2022

Reboot, Re-ignite your spark.

The 15th edition of the Leadership in Strategic Communication Workshop (LSCW) 2022 took place in Abuja from the 23rd of October to the 4th of November 2022, with participation from – Nigeria, Uganda and Kenya. Among the 32 delegates were directors, senior program officers, program officers, communication specialists and advisors, program coordinators, strategic designers, advocacy, and capacity building/strengthening officers, ACSM officers, monitoring and evaluation officers and health education officers. This rich mix provided participants with the opportunity to glean from each other’s wealth of experience and knowledge. There were great discussions, interactions and deep reflections which birthed useful insights applicable and relevant to their work and personal lives. Through the simulation of communication campaigns, participants deepened their understanding of strategic health communication planning, design, and implementation of effective and result – oriented programs. The LSCW faculty and support team were made up of individuals with strong academic background with extensive practice and experience in strategic health communication, international and social development.
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